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Should we be more like Jeff Bezos? The Amazon founder reveals what death means to him

Do you ponder your own mortality? Are you afraid of death?

These are weighty questions, but Jeff Bezos has the answer: "No. I used to be afraid of death. I did. I remember as a young person being very scared of mortality, didn't want to think about it...And as I've gotten older...somehow that fear has gone away." 

He went on to add: "I would like to stay alive for as long as possible, but I'm really more focused on health span. I want to be healthy...I don't want the long decay...I have a lot of reasons to stay around, but mortality doesn't have the effect on me that it did maybe when I was in my twenties."


Coincidentally, this matches the message of my book, The Journey's End: An Investigation of Death and Dying In Modern America. Like Bezos, The Journey's End embraces the health span concept, and opposes the "long decay" that our modern medical system pushes on patients.

In our cynical age, this kind of honest introspection about mortality is exactly what's needed. Fortunately, my book is available on Amazon. I'm sure Jeff Bezos would approve! 

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