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5 Keys to Reforming U.S. Healthcare

  1. Reform Medical Coding: Coding and physician reimbursement is the cause of most problems in healthcare.

  2. Simplify Medicare: Why is Medicare divided into multiple insurance products Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D, and Hospice? Add Medicaid and Veterans insurance and you have needless confusion around government insurance eligibility, funding and administration. These should be a single standard Government insurance policy. This standardization would save billions.

  3. Standardize the billing and payment formula for all health insurers - Medicare, Anthem, United, etc. The formula should not promote the volume of care because volume promotes fraud, increases complexity, and increases spending.

  4. Eliminate the health insurance requirement for “medical necessity” - it frustrates patients and caregivers and is unnecessary if payment is not based on volume.

  5. Reform Hospice: Eliminate the six-month death certification and replace it with a terminal diagnosis, allow curative care in hospice, replace the coding payment formula with expense reimbursement and enhance home care benefits. Evidence demonstrates these reforms will improve care, access, and lower costs.

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